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Yoga Classes in Berwick, Pakenham, Cranbourne

Which yoga class is right for you?

All classes are suitable for beginners.

 We do not teach hot yoga. The studio temperature is carefully controlled to be comfortable and warm on arrival, and it is adjusted as your own body heat takes over.  In extreme heat the AC will be on.

Beginner courses are offered throughout the year.


Slow (Gentle) Flow (60mins) 

-       Slow flow movement based class

-       Beginner friendly

-       Learn correct techniques, whilst building strength, balance and mobility

-       Less strain on your wrists and knees than Power Flow (Vinyasa) 

-       Very popular with beginners, seniors, pregnant women and everyone really!

-       Most injuries can be catered for

 Power Flow (60mins) - replaced Vinyasa

-       Athletic and fun, suitable for all levels

-       Dynamic, heat building and creative sequences

-       Faster flow, catering for multi levels. Beginners are welcome, although we encourage you to start with Slow Flow.

-       Not suitable if you have an acute injury or are pregnant


Restorative Yoga (60mins)

-       A relaxing, therapeutic and meditative yoga class

-       Long holds of gentle postures, often using yoga props to maximize your comfort

-       No strain on joints  this is all about healing the body and the mind

-       Helps with insomnia, anxiety, stress, tension and injury rehabilitation.

-       Most injuries can be catered for

Yin Yoga (60min)

-    Long holds of deep stretches (3-5 minutes or longer)

-    Mostly seated and floor postures

-    Target connective tissue and muscles that aren't normally accessed in other forms of yoga

-    Improve your flexibility and range of motion - expect to do some deep stretching

-    Cultivate an inner stillness and bring balance to your busy life

Prenatal Yoga (60mins)

-       Specialised classes for mums to be

-       Suitable from week 12 onwards

-       Biggest prenatal yoga program in Melbourne

-       Read more HERE


Mums and Bubs Yoga  (60mins)

-       Specialised classes for the post-natal period

-       Suitable from 6 weeks (or 8 weeks post C-section) until baby is crawling

-       Focus is on yoga for the MUM

Kids and Teens  Yoga

- see the KIDS YOGA page



Private lessons (one on one or small group)

Private yoga lessons may be of benefit to you if:

-    Our class timetable doesn't fit in with your schedule

-    You are wishing to treat a specific injury, ailment or illness with yoga

-    You are wanting to explore certain aspects of your practice on a deeper level

-    You are finding a pose particularly challenging and want more guidance

Yoga for your workplace / school / sport team

Some of our clients include:

  yoga plus corporate yoga renault  

Corporate wellness

 Some of the reasons innovative employees are investing in the health and wellness of their staff through corporate yoga:

-    Increased staff productivity

-    Improvement in staff morale and team work

-    Reduced stress levels

-    Prevention of work related injuries that occur through manual handling jobs, or office and desk-related activities and postural misalignments

We can come to your work before, during or after work hours or you are welcome to arrange exclusive use of our studio.

Contact us to see how we  can help you improve your Corporate Wellness Program. 


Yoga for sports

It is well documented now that yoga is an important part of the training schedule for many professional and elite sporting teams. When incorporated into the regular training schedule, yoga can:

-    Assist in strength and flexibility development

-    Improve cardiovascular functioning

-    Prevent common sporting injuries as well as assist in rehabilitation from existing injuries

-    Foster a stronger sense of teamwork

One of our skilled teachers will come to your facility, or we can arrange the exclusive use of our Berwick studio for your team

Yoga for schools

We would love to come to your school and teach yoga and meditation to your students or staff.

For further information get in touch and we can organise a program.